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Sphinx Search for Laravel 5

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Sphinx Search for Laravel 5 - Custom build with snippets support

Simple Laravel 5 package for make queries to Sphinx Search. Inspired by scalia/sphinxsearch package for Laravel 4.

This package was created to import to the site packagist.org and allow installation through Composer (https://getcomposer.org/).


Require this package in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        /*** Some others packages ***/
        "sngrl/sphinxsearch": "dev-master",

Run in your console

composer update
command to pull down the latest version of Sphinx Search.

Or just run this in console:

composer require sngrl/sphinxsearch:dev-master

After updating composer, add the ServiceProvider to the "providers" array in config/app.php:

    'providers' => array(
        /*** Some others providers ***/

You can add this line to the files, where you may use SphinxSearch:

use sngrl\SphinxSearch\SphinxSearch;


To use Sphinx Search, you need to configure your indexes and what model it should query. To do so, publish the configuration into your app.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=sngrl\SphinxSearch\SphinxSearchServiceProvider --force

This will create the file

. Modify as needed the host and port, and configure the indexes, binding them to a table and id column.
return array (
    'host'    => '',
    'port'    => 9312,
    'indexes' => array (
        'my_index_name' => array ( 'table' => 'my_keywords_table', 'column' => 'id' ),

Or disable the model querying to just get a list of result id's.

return array (
    'host'    => '',
    'port'    => 9312,
    'indexes' => array (
        'my_index_name' => FALSE,


Basic query (raw sphinx results)

$sphinx = new SphinxSearch();
$results = $sphinx->search('my query', 'index_name')->query();

Basic query (with Eloquent)

$results = $sphinx->search('my query', 'index_name')->get();

Query another Sphinx index with limit and filters.

$results = $sphinx->search('my query', 'index_name')
    ->filter('attribute', array(1, 2))
    ->range('int_attribute', 1, 10)

Query with match and sort type specified.

$result = $sphinx->search('my query', 'index_name')
            'partno'  => 10,
            'name'    => 8,
            'details' => 1
    ->setSortMode(\Sphinx\SphinxClient::SPH_SORT_EXTENDED, "@weight DESC")
    ->get(true);  //passing true causes get() to respect returned sort order


Sngrl Sphinx Search is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

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