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We're looking for a new maintainer for the SMF project. As I have little time to keep up with issues. Please let me know by filing an issue.

smf is pronounced /smɝf/


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Official Documentation

Please visit our official documentation, it'll get you up and running in no time!

If you are using smf, drop us a line on the mailing list introducing your project.

What is smf?

smf is a new RPC system and code generation like gRPC, Cap n Proto, Apache Thrift, etc, but designed for microsecond tail latency*.

Current benchmarks in microseconds (e2e see docs)

| 60 byte payload | latency | | ---------------- | --------- | | p50 | 7us | | p90 | 8us | | p99 | 8us | | p9999 | 15us | | p100 | 26us |

Getting started

Please see our quick getting started on our official docs!

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