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This is a quite flamboyant hexo theme wrote by me long time ago.Actually, it's really not simple...

If you like this theme, please star, thanks

If you have some problems, you can submit an issue.I will fixed it.

2015-07-28 17:28:18

This theme changed based on Yilia .This theme site is smackdown.

You can go to my blog to see

You also can scan QR code on your mobile devices

QR code

1. About this theme

  • Responsive Development
  • Performance
  • Compatible mobile
  • SEO
  • But don't support IE6,7,8

2. Details


$ git clone https://github.com/smackgg/hexo-theme-smackdown themes/smackdown


Modify the root directory under your hexo

theme: smackdown


cd themes/yilia
git pull

3. Theme config

You should change 'config.yml' file under your theme directory. You can reference my blog.

# Header
  Home: /
  All: /archives
  # other: /tags/other



github: "#"

zhihu: "#"

mail: "#"

qq: "#"

weibo: "#"

rss: "#"

#douban: "#" #facebook: "#" #google: "#" #twitter: "#" #linkedin: "#"

rss: /atom.xml


excerpt_link: 阅读全文

excerpt_link: more fancybox: true mathjax: true

Open animate

animate: true

Open page in new window

open_in_new: false

Baidu statistics,Google statistics

baidu_tongji: true

google_analytics: true

favicon: http://7xkj1z.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/head.jpg

Your Head portrait

avatar: http://7xkj1z.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/head.jpg

Open share

share: true

You can open duoshuo, you should have a duoshuo-key. duoshuo: duoshuo-key

You can use disqus

duoshuo: your duoshuo id

disqus_shortname: your disqus shortname

Open tagcloud

tagcloud: true

Read the article number(you should use leancloud)

leancloud_visitors: enable: false

app_id: your app_id

app_key: your app_key

Links close

#friends: false

Links open

friends: smackdown: https://github.com/smackgg/hexo-theme-smackdown

Aboutme close

aboutme: false

Aboutme open


swift_search: enable: true

4. Other

  • Read the article number

If you wangt add this,you should have leancloud account.Then add appid and appkey to

  # Read the article number
    enable: false
    app_id: your_app_id
    app_key: your_app_key
You can see details in 为smackdown添加阅读数

5. Recent Update

Update: 2016-10-31 - Update https issue - Update readme Update: 2016-12-14 - Fixed bug about share on https.Use duoshuo share instead jiathis。

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