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SEO-friendly URLs with Slugify

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SEO-friendly URLs with Slugify


If you want to use it directly in your JSP, take a look into jstl


If you want to use Slugify in your Java code you only need the library itself. Here's the dependency information for Maven:


Now you're able to use it:

Slugify slg = new Slugify();
String result = slg.slugify("Hello, world!");
// result: hello-world

You can set custom replacements for Slugify:

Slugify slg = slg.withCustomReplacement("hello", "world").withCustomReplacement("foo", "bar");
// or multiple at once
slg = slg.withCustomReplacements(new HashMap() {{
    put("hello", "world");
    put("foo", "bar");

String result = slg.slugify("hello foo"); // result: world-bar

Or if you want case sensitivity:

Slugify slg = new Slugify().withLowerCase(false);
String result = slg.slugify("Hello, World!");
// result: Hello-World

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