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Fab-Manager is the FabLab management solution. It provides a comprehensive, web-based, open-source tool to simplify your administrative tasks and your marker's projects.

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Fab-manager is the Fab Lab management solution. It provides a comprehensive, web-based, open-source tool to simplify your administrative tasks and your marker's projects.

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Table of Contents
  1. Software stack
  2. Contributing
  3. Setup a production environment
  4. Setup a development environment
  5. Internationalization (i18n)
  6. Open Projects
  7. Plugins
  8. Single Sign-On
  9. Known issues
  10. Related Documentation

Software stack

Fab-manager is a Ruby on Rails / AngularJS web application that runs on the following software:

  • Ubuntu LTS 14.04+ / Debian 8+
  • Ruby 2.6
  • Redis 6
  • Sidekiq 6
  • Elasticsearch 5.6
  • PostgreSQL 9.6


Contributions are welcome. Please read the contribution guidelines for more information about the contribution process.

Setup a production environment

To run Fab-manager as a production application, you must follow the procedure described in the production readme. This procedure is using Docker-compose to manage the application and its dependencies.

Setup a development environment

In you intend to run Fab-manager on your local machine to contribute to the project development, you can set it up by following the development readme. This procedure relies on Docker-compose to set-up the dependencies.

Optionally, you can use a virtual development environment that relies on Vagrant and Virtual Box by following the virtual machine instructions.

Internationalization (i18n)

The Fab-manager application can only run in a single language but this language can easily be changed.

Please refer to the translation readme for instructions about configuring the language or to contribute to the translation.

Open Projects

This configuration is optional.

You can configure your Fab-manager to synchronize every project with the Open Projects platform. It's very simple and straightforward and in return, your users will be able to search over projects from all Fab-manager instances from within your platform. The deal is fair, you share your projects and as reward you benefits from projects of the whole community.

If you want to try it, you can visit this Fab-manager and see projects from different Fab-managers.

To start using this awesome feature, there are a few steps: - send a mail to [email protected] asking for your Open Projects client's credentials and giving them the name and the URL of your Fab-manager, they will give you an

App ID
and a
- fill in the value of the keys in Admin > Projects > Settings > Projects sharing - export your projects to open-projects (if you already have projects created on your Fab-manager, unless you can skip that part) executing this command:
bundle exec rails fablab:openlab:bulk_export

IMPORTANT: please run your server in production mode.

Go to your projects gallery and enjoy seeing your projects available from everywhere ! That's all.


Fab-manager has a system of plugins mainly inspired by Discourse architecture.

It enables you to write plugins which can: - have its proper models and database tables - have its proper assets (js & css) - override existing behaviours of Fab-manager - add features by adding views, controllers, ect...

To install a plugin, you just have to copy the plugin folder which contains its code into the folder

of Fab-manager.

You can see an example on the repo of navinum gamification plugin

Single Sign-On

Fab-manager can be connected to a Single Sign-On server which will provide its own authentication for the platform's users. Currently, OAuth 2 is the only supported protocol for SSO authentication.

For an example of how to use configure an SSO in Fab-manager, please read

Known issues

Before reporting an issue, please check if your issue is not listed in the know issues with its solution.

Related Documentation

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