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Dex to Java decompiler

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jadx - Dex to Java decompiler

Command line and GUI tools for produce Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files

Main features:- decompile Dalvik bytecode to java classes from APK, dex, aar and zip files - decode


and other resources from

  • deobfuscator included

jadx-gui features:- view decompiled code with highlighted syntax - jump to declaration - find usage - full text search

See these features in action here: jadx-gui features overview

jadx-gui screenshot


After download unpack zip file go to


directory and run: -

  • command line version -
  • UI version

On Windows run


files with double-click*Note:* ensure you have installed Java 8 or later 64-bit version. For windows you can download it from (select "Install JRE").


  1. Arch linux
    bash sudo pacman -S jadx
  2. macOS
    bash brew install jadx

Build from source

JDK 8 or higher must be installed:

git clone cd jadx ./gradlew dist

(on Windows, use


instead of



Scripts for run jadx will be placed in


and also packed to



jadx[-gui] [options] <input file> (.apk, .dex, .jar, .class, .smali, .zip, .aar, .arsc) options: -d, --output-dir - output directory -ds, --output-dir-src - output directory for sources -dr, --output-dir-res - output directory for resources -r, --no-res - do not decode resources -s, --no-src - do not decompile source code --single-class - decompile a single class --output-format - can be 'java' or 'json', default: java -e, --export-gradle - save as android gradle project -j, --threads-count - processing threads count, default: 4 --show-bad-code - show inconsistent code (incorrectly decompiled) --no-imports - disable use of imports, always write entire package name --no-debug-info - disable debug info --no-inline-anonymous - disable anonymous classes inline --no-replace-consts - don't replace constant value with matching constant field --escape-unicode - escape non latin characters in strings (with \u) --respect-bytecode-access-modifiers - don't change original access modifiers --deobf - activate deobfuscation --deobf-min - min length of name, renamed if shorter, default: 3 --deobf-max - max length of name, renamed if longer, default: 64 --deobf-rewrite-cfg - force to save deobfuscation map --deobf-use-sourcename - use source file name as class name alias --rename-flags - what to rename, comma-separated, 'case' for system case sensitivity, 'valid' for java identifiers, 'printable' characters, 'none' or 'all' (default) --fs-case-sensitive - treat filesystem as case sensitive, false by default --cfg - save methods control flow graph to dot file --raw-cfg - save methods control flow graph (use raw instructions) -f, --fallback - make simple dump (using goto instead of 'if', 'for', etc) -v, --verbose - verbose output (set --log-level to DEBUG) -q, --quiet - turn off output (set --log-level to QUIET) --log-level - set log level, values: QUIET, PROGRESS, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, default: PROGRESS --version - print jadx version -h, --help - print this help Example: jadx -d out classes.dex jadx --rename-flags "none" classes.dex jadx --rename-flags "valid,printable" classes.dex jadx --log-level error app.apk

These options also worked on jadx-gui running from command line and override options from preferences dialog


Please check wiki page Troubleshooting Q&A


To support this project you can: - Post thoughts about new features/optimizations that important to you - Submit decompilation issues, please read before proceed: Open issue - Open pull request, please follow these rules: Pull Request Process

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Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

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