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Welcome to the Skyfield Repository

Skyfield is a pure-Python astronomy package that is compatible with both Python 2 and 3 and makes it easy to generate high precision research-grade positions for planets and Earth satellites.

.. code-block:: python

from skyfield.api import load

planets = load('de421.bsp') earth, mars = planets['earth'], planets['mars']

ts = load.timescale() t = position = ra, dec, distance = position.radec()

print(ra) print(dec) print(distance)

The result:


10h 47m 56.24s +09deg 03' 23.1" 2.33251 au

Skyfield’s only binary dependency is NumPy. Once that is available, Skyfield can usually be installed with::

pip install skyfield

Here are the essential project links:

  • Home page and documentation
  • Installing Skyfield
  • Contributing to Skyfield
  • Skyfield package 
    _ on the Python Package Index.
  • Issue tracker
    _ on GitHub.

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