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A date/time picker for react (using bootstrap). This is a react wrapper around the bootstrap-daterangepicker project.

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A date/time picker for react (using bootstrap). This is a react wrapper around an existing jQuery/bootstrap library (it is not a pure react port):


Getting Started

  1. Install the needed peer dependencies:

    npm install --save bootstrap-daterangepicker react jquery moment
  2. Install the module with:

    npm install --save react-bootstrap-daterangepicker
  3. Include the [email protected] css and fonts in your project. (aka

    import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css';
  4. Include the bootstrap-daterangepicker css in your project. (aka

    import 'bootstrap-daterangepicker/daterangepicker.css';
  5. This is a commonjs library. You will need a tool like browserify/webpack/etc to build your code.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import DateRangePicker from 'react-bootstrap-daterangepicker';
// you will need the css that comes with [email protected] if you are using
// a tool like webpack, you can do the following:
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css';
// you will also need the css that comes with bootstrap-daterangepicker
import 'bootstrap-daterangepicker/daterangepicker.css';

class MyComponent { render() { return ( Click Me To Open Picker! ); } }


For in depth documentation, see the original bootstrap-daterangepicker project page.

You can pass all the settings from the original plugin to the

  • <input>, alwaysShowCalendars, applyButtonClasses, applyClass, autoApply, autoUpdateInput, buttonClasses, cancelButtonClasses, cancelClass, dateLimit, drops, endDate, isCustomDate, isInvalidDate, linkedCalendars, locale, maxDate, maxSpan, maxYear, minDate, minYear, moment, opens, parentEl, ranges, showCustomRangeLabel, showDropdowns, showISOWeekNumbers, showWeekNumbers, singleDatePicker, startDate, template, timePicker, timePicker24Hour, timePickerIncrement, timePickerSeconds

You can listen to the following 8 events:

  • onShow:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when the widget is shown
  • onHide:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when the widget is hidden
  • onShowCalendar:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when the calendar is shown
  • onHideCalendar:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when the calendar is hidden
  • onApply:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when the apply button is clicked
  • onCancel:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when the cancel button is clicked
  • onEvent:
    callback(event, picker)
    thrown when any of the 6 events above are triggered
  • onCallback:
    callback(start, end, label)
    thrown when the start/end dates change

You MUST pass a single child element to the

 component- and it MUST be a DOM element.
Passing custom react components is not currently supported b/c this lib needs a single dom node to initialize.

NOTE: This component should be used as an Uncontrolled Component. If you try to control the value of your child

, the you will probably encounter issues.

There are 2 methods from the upstream lib that can be called:

, but you need to use refs when doing so. Please view the storybook for an example of this.


For more usage examples, please view the storybook:

Simple button example

    click to open

Simple input example


Initialize with a startDate and endDate


Example event handler:

class SomeReactComponent extends React.Component {
  handleEvent(event, picker) {
  handleCallback(start, end, label) {
    console.log(start, end, label);
  render() {
    return (

Release Notes

Release notes can be found in the Changelog.


Other React Date Pickers

NOTE: Please submit a PR if there are other date pickers you can recommend


Copyright (c) 2014 skratchdot
Uses the original bootstrap-daterangepicker license.

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