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Rockyou for web fuzzing

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Rockyou for web fuzzing

V2 released! Now you can build your own wordlists with the same method and this release includes a short wordlist. Base wordlists provided in /dict folder. See Method 3

V2.3 released! Added custom curated list "onelistforallmicro.txt", almost 10K lines for quick wins and fast enum process. This new wordlist is not created from other sources is handcrafted.


Method 1

  1. Go to releases and download

  2. Fuzz with the best tool ffuf :)

    ffuf -c -w onelistforall.txt -u []/FUZZ

Method 2

  1. Git clone and extract:
    git clone && cd OneListForAll
    7z x onelistforall.7z.001
  2. Fuzz with the best tool ffuf :)
    ffuf -c -w onelistforall.txt -u []/FUZZ

Method 3

Build your own wordlists!

  1. Add your wordlists to dict/ folder with suffix _short.txt for short wordlist and _long.txt for the full wordlist.

  2. Run ./ (olfa -> One List For All) and you will have onelistforall.txt file and onelistforallshort.txt.

  3. Fuzz with the best tool ffuf :)

    ffuf -c -w onelistforall.txt -u []/FUZZ

Wordlists summary

  • onelistforall.txt basically everything, launch it and go to sleep. 6950906 lines, 113M
  • onelistforallshort.txt a shortened version, it also contains a lot of things, but in a more affordable way: 396038 lines, 5.6M
  • onelistforallmicro.txt almost 10K lines of the best paths you can find, just juicy and important stuff: 9688 lines, 141K


This is a wordlist for fuzzing purposes made from the best wordlists currently available, lowercased and deduplicated later with duplicut, added cleaner from BonJarber. The lists used have been some selected within these repositories:

Feel free to contribute, PR are welcomed.

You can support this work buying me a coffee:

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