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Replace matching strings and regexes in files

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replace-in-files-cli Build Status

Replace matching strings and regexes in files


$ npm install --global replace-in-files-cli


$ replace-in-files --help

Usage $ replace-in-files

Options --regex Regex pattern to find (Can be set multiple times) --string String to find (Can be set multiple times) --replacement Replacement string (Required) --ignore-case Search case-insensitively --no-glob Disable globbing

Examples $ replace-in-files --string='horse' --regex='unicorn|rainbow' --replacement='🦄' $ replace-in-files --regex='v\d+.\d+.\d+' --replacement=v$npm_package_version foo.css $ replace-in-files --string='blob' --replacement='blog' 'some/*/[gb]lob/' '!some/glob/foo'

You can use the same replacement patterns as with String#replace(), like $&.

Real-world use-case: Bumping version number in a file when publishing to npm

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