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Minify SVG using SVGO

Issues with the output should be reported on the SVGO issue tracker.


$ npm install --save-dev grunt-svgmin



grunt.initConfig({ svgmin: { options: { plugins: [ { removeViewBox: false }, { removeUselessStrokeAndFill: false }, { removeAttrs: { attrs: [ 'xmlns' ] } } ] }, dist: { files: { 'dist/unicorn.svg': 'app/unicorn.svg' } } } });

grunt.registerTask('default', ['svgmin']);

Available Options/Plugins

This module makes use of the standard SVGO plugin architecture. Therefore, to customize SVG optimization, you can disable/enable/configure any SVGO plugins listed at the SVGO repository.

To disable plugins with the gruntfile.js, look for the plugin name at the SVGO repository and copy the plugin name (minus the file extension). Then set its value in the JSON to

in comma-separated objects. To exemplify, here is how the plugins section in the example configuration (illustrated above) might be written with some of the standard SVGO plugins disabled:
plugins: [
    {removeViewBox: false},               // Don't remove the viewbox attribute from the SVG
    {removeUselessStrokeAndFill: false},  // Don't remove Useless Strokes and Fills
    {removeEmptyAttrs: false}             // Don't remove Empty Attributes from the SVG

Check each plugin for = [true/false]
to see if the plugin is enabled. Most of the plugins are enabled by default but you may want to prevent a couple, particularly
as that may remove small details with subtracted / extruded complex paths.

To configure specific parameters for a plugin with the gruntfile.js, set its value in the JSON to a

plugins: [
        removeAttrs: {
            attrs: [

Check each plugin for

to see if it has default parameters and what they are.


Per-file savings are only printed in verbose mode (

grunt svgmin --verbose


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