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🌈 Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac

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Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac

This is a macOS app for the

encoder, which converts videos to GIF animations using
's fancy features for efficient cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering. It produces animated GIFs that use thousands of colors per frame and up to 50 FPS (useful for showing off design work on Dribbble).

You can also produce smaller lower quality GIFs when needed with the “Quality” slider, thanks to


Gifski supports all the video formats that macOS supports (

with H264, HEVC, ProRes, etc). The QuickTime Animation format is not supported. Use ProRes 4444 XQ instead. It's more efficient, more widely supported, and like QuickTime Animation, it also supports alpha channel.

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Requires macOS 10.14 or later.



Share extension

Gifski includes a share extension that lets you share videos to Gifski. Just select Gifski from the Share menu of any macOS app.

Tip: You can share a macOS screen recording with Gifski by clicking on the thumbnail that pops up once you are done recording and selecting “Share” from there.

System service

Gifski includes a system service that lets you quickly convert a video to GIF from the Services menu in any app that provides a compatible video file.


Quickly copy or save the GIF

After converting, press Command+C to copy the GIF or Command+S to save it.

Change GIF dimensions with the keyboard

In the width/height input fields in the editor view, press the arrow up/down keys to change the value by 1. Hold the Option key meanwhile to change it by 10.


Building from source

To build the app in Xcode, you need to have Rust and GCC 10 installed first:

curl -sSf | sh
brew install gcc SwiftLint
xcode-select --install


The generated GIFs are huge!

The GIF image format is very space inefficient. It works best with short video clips. Try reducing the dimensions, FPS, or quality.

Why are 60 FPS and higher not supported?

Browsers throttle frame rates above 50 FPS, playing them at 10 FPS. Read more.

How can I convert a sequence of PNG images to a GIF?

Install FFmpeg (with Homebrew:

brew install ffmpeg
) and then run this command:
TMPFILE="$(mktemp /tmp/XXXXXXXXXXX).mov"; \
    ffmpeg -f image2 -framerate 30 -i image_%06d.png -c:v prores_ks -profile:v 5 "$TMPFILE" \
    && open -a Gifski "$TMPFILE"

Ensure the images are named in the format

and adjust the

Command explanation.

Can I contribute localizations?

We don't have any immediate plans to localize the app.

Can you support macOS 10.13?

No, but you can get the last compatible version here.

Can you support Windows/Linux?

No, but there's a cross-platform command-line tool available.


Built with




MIT (the Mac app) + gifski library license

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