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Welcome to bulk_extractor.

Note: bulk_extractor version 2.0 is now under development. For information, please see Release 2.0 roadmap in the release-2.0-dev branch.

To build bulk_extractor in Linux or Mac OS:

  1. Make sure required packages have been installed. You can do this by going into the etc/ directory and looking for a script that installs the necessary packages for your platform.

  2. Then run these commands:

make install

For detailed instructions on installing packages and building bulkextractor, read the wiki page here: https://github.com/simsong/bulkextractor/wiki/Installing-bulk_extractor

The Windows version of bulk_extractor must be built on Fedora.

To download the Windows installer and/or other releases of bulkextractor, visit the downloads page here: http://digitalcorpora.org/downloads/bulkextractor

For more information on bulkextractor, visit: https://forensicswiki.xyz/wiki/index.php?title=Bulkextractor

Tested Configurations

This release of bulk_extractor has been tested to compile on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Linux as of 2019-11-09
  • Fedora 32
  • Ubuntu 16.04LTS
  • Ubuntu 18.04LTS

To configure your operating system, please run the appropriate scripts in the etc/ directory.


If you are writing a scientific paper and using bulk_extractor, please cite it with:

Garfinkel, Simson, Digital media triage with bulk data analysis and bulkextractor. Computers and Security 32: 56-72 (2013) * Science Direct * Bibliometrics * Author's website ``` @article{10.5555/2748150.2748581, author = {Garfinkel, Simson L.}, title = {Digital Media Triage with Bulk Data Analysis and Bulkextractor}, year = {2013}, issuedate = {February 2013}, publisher = {Elsevier Advanced Technology Publications}, address = {GBR}, volume = {32}, number = {C}, issn = {0167-4048}, journal = {Comput. Secur.}, month = feb, pages = {56–72}, numpages = {17}, keywords = {Digital forensics, Bulk data analysis, bulkextractor, Stream-based forensics, Windows hibernation files, Parallelized forensic analysis, Optimistic decompression, Forensic path, Margin, EnCase} } ```

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