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Python CLI utility and library for manipulating SQLite databases

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Python CLI utility and library for manipulating SQLite databases.

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Read more on my blog: sqlite-utils: a Python library and CLI tool for building SQLite databases and other entries tagged sqliteutils.


pip install sqlite-utils

Or if you use Homebrew for macOS:

brew install sqlite-utils

Using as a CLI tool

Now you can do things with the CLI utility like this:

$ sqlite-utils tables dogs.db --counts
[{"table": "dogs", "count": 2}]

$ sqlite-utils dogs.db "select * from dogs" [{"id": 1, "age": 4, "name": "Cleo"}, {"id": 2, "age": 2, "name": "Pancakes"}]

$ sqlite-utils dogs.db "select * from dogs" --csv id,age,name 1,4,Cleo 2,2,Pancakes

$ sqlite-utils dogs.db "select * from dogs" --table id age name

1 4 Cleo 2 2 Pancakes

You can import JSON data into a new database table like this:

$ curl \
    | sqlite-utils insert releases.db releases - --pk id

Or for data in a CSV file:

$ sqlite-utils insert dogs.db dogs docs.csv --csv

See the full CLI documentation for comprehensive coverage of many more commands.

Using as a library

You can also

import sqlite_utils
and use it as a Python library like this:
import sqlite_utils
db = sqlite_utils.Database("demo_database.db")
# This line creates a "dogs" table if one does not already exist:
    {"id": 1, "age": 4, "name": "Cleo"},
    {"id": 2, "age": 2, "name": "Pancakes"}
], pk="id")

Check out the full library documentation for everything else you can do with the Python library.

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