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The source code for the application in my book Getting MEAN.

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Getting MEAN application code

This is the code for the sample 'Loc8r' application that is built through the course of my book Getting MEAN.

Getting MEAN is published by Manning, and teaches readers how to develop web applications end-to-end using the MEAN stack.

The application at various stages

There are named branches for the various states of the code throughout the book:

  • master
    Chapter 3 start: A blank Express 4.9.0 project
  • chapter-03
    Chapter 3 end: Creating and setting up a MEAN project
  • chapter-04-views
    Chapter 4 mid-point: The data is hard coded into views
  • chapter-04
    Chapter 4 end: Building a static site with Node.js and Express
  • chapter-05
    Chapter 5: Building a data model with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • chapter-06
    Chapter 6: Writing a REST API: Exposing your MongoDB database to the application
  • chapter-07
    Chapter 7: Consuming a REST API: Using an API from inside Express
  • chapter-08
    Chapter 8: Adding Angular components to an Express application
  • chapter-09
    Chapter 9: Building a Single Page Application with Angular: Foundations
  • chapter-10
    Chapter 10: Building a Single Page Application with Angular: The next level
  • chapter-11
    Chapter 11: Authenticating users, managing sessions and securing APIs

Get the code

To get the code for a specific branch:

$ git clone -b branch-name

Then change into the folder the git clone command will create:

$ cd getting-MEAN

And finally install the dependencies:

npm install

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