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Finala is an open-source resource cloud scanner that analyzes, discloses, presents and notifies about wasteful and unused resources.

With Finala you can achieve 2 main objectives: Cost saving & Unused resources detection.


  • YAML Definitions: Resources definitions are described using a high-level YAML configuration syntax. This allows Finala consumers easily tweak the configuration to help it understand their infrastructure, spending habits and normal usage.
  • 1 Click Deployment: Finala can be deployed via Docker compose or a Helm chart.
  • Graphical user interface: Users can easily explore and investigate unused or unutilized resources in your cloud provider.
  • Resource Filtering by Cloud Provider Tags: Users can filter unused resources by just providing the tags you are using in your cloud provider.
  • Schedule Pro Active Notifications: Finala has the ability to configure scheduled based notifications to a user or a group.

Supported Services

  • Potential Cost Optimization - is the price you can save for untilized resources in your infrastructure
  • Unused Resource - are resources which don't necessarily cost money and can be removed.

AWS: Resource | Potential Cost Optimization| Unused Resource | --------------------| ---------------------------|-------------------------| API Gateway | :heavyminussign: | :ballotboxwithcheck: DocumentDB | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: DynamoDB | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: EC2 ALB,NLB | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: EC2 Elastic IPs | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: EC2 ELB | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: EC2 NAT Gateways | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: EC2 Instances | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: EC2 Volumes | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: ElasticCache | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: ElasticSearch | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: IAM User | :heavyminussign: | :ballotboxwithcheck: Kinesis | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: Lambda | :heavyminussign: | :ballotboxwithcheck: Neptune | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: RDS | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminussign: RedShift | :ballotboxwithcheck: | :heavyminus_sign:


Please refer to Installation instructions.

Documentation & Guides

Documentation is available on the Finala website here.

Community, discussion, contribution, and support

You can reach the Finala community and developers via the following channels:


Thank you for your interest in contributing! Please refer to Contribution guidelines for guidance.

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