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Silex Web Profiler

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The Silex Web Profiler service provider allows you to use the wonderful Symfony web debug toolbar and the Symfony profiler in your Silex 2.x application.

.. note::

If you are using the 1.x Silex version, read the `specific documentation

To install this library, run the command below and you will get the latest version:

.. code-block:: bash

composer require 'silex/web-profiler:^2.0'

And enable it in your application:

.. code-block:: php

use Silex\Provider;

$app->register(new Provider\WebProfilerServiceProvider(), array( 'profiler.cache_dir' => DIR.'/../cache/profiler', 'profiler.mount_prefix' => '/_profiler', // this is the default ));

The provider depends on

, and
so you also need to enable those if that's not already the case:

.. code-block:: php

$app->register(new Provider\HttpFragmentServiceProvider());
$app->register(new Provider\ServiceControllerServiceProvider());
$app->register(new Provider\TwigServiceProvider());

If you are using

, the
will detect that and enable the corresponding panels.

Make sure to register all other required or used service providers before


If you are using

for logs, you must also add
as a Composer dependency to get the logs in the profiler.

If you are using

, add
as a Composer dependency to display VarDumper dumps in the toolbar and the profiler.

If you are using

, add
as a Composer dependency to display Security related information in the toolbar and the profiler.

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