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Relay Workshop

You are going to learn Relay and build a mini social network at the end of this workshop

Welcome 👋

Each lesson including the exercise description can be found in each of the directories of /workshop.

I will explain everything during the intro.


Most of it is written in TypeScript (not particularily well typed). Feel free to use plain JavaScript if you prefer that.


The workshop is a "huge" monorepo with many packages, let's see what's inside:

packages - contains packages and code that make workshop exercises possible

  • babel - shared babel config
  • babelweb - shared babel config for web with react fast refresh
  • graphql - graphql utilities to make building graphql servers with graphql-js faster
  • relay - relay utilities
  • route - custom routing solution until react-router supports render as you fetch
  • server - graphql server used on demo and workshop exercises
  • test - test utilities to make tests easy
  • ui - minit design system to be used on demo and workshop exercises
  • web - demo app - mini social network
  • webpack - shared webpack config for the demo and workshop exercises

workshop - a set of practice exercises to really learn Relay

  • 01-fetchGraphql - fetch GraphQL data using pure React
  • 02-useLazyLoadQuery - fetch GraphQL data using Relay useLazyLoadQuery hook
  • 03-useFragment - refactor code to colocate data using useFrament hook
  • 04-usePagination - learn to paginate back and forward using usePagination hook
  • 05-useMutation - learn to do mutation using useMutation hook
  • 06-mutationUpdater - learn to update Relay store with mutation output data
  • 07-useRefetchableFragment - use useRefetchableFragment to do some refetch queries and update data
  • 08-useSubscription - learn how to useSubscription to make you app realtime
  • 09-usePreloadQuery - learn the render as you fetch pattern using preloadQuery and usePreloadQuery
  • 10-testUsePreloadQuery - learn how to test your Relay components using @testing-library
  • 11-testUseFragment - learn how to test a single component with useFragment
  • 12-testUseMutation - learn how to test mutations calls

solutions - the same folder of workshop but with my solutions

slides - some slides to help in workshop

  • concepts - GraphQL and Relay Concepts


  • yarn - we need to use yarn, as npm does not support workspaces yet
  • node lts - we recommend using node LTS version, and nvm to manage your node version
  • mongo - you can


How to install mongo

brew tap mongodb/brew
brew install mongodb-community
brew services start mongodb-community

How to run mongo in docker

docker run -d -p PORT:27017 --name CONTAINER_NAME -d mongo:latest - run mongo:latest image in detached mode

docker tips

docker ps: list all running containers
docker ps -a: list all containers (including the exited ones)
docker stop CONTAINER_NAME: stop the container
docker start CONTAINER_NAME: start the container
docker rm CONTAINER_NAME: delete the container to free disk space
docker image ls: list all downloaded images
docker rmi IMAGE_NAME:TAG: remove image from your computer to free disk space

Use React Workshop mongo URI

mongodb+srv://sibelius:[email protected]/test



Server runs at http://localhost:7500/graphql

yarn server

How to update GraphQL schema SDL (schema.graphql)

yarn update-schema

How to create a seed of posts

yarn seed

How to update Relay artifacts

yarn relay

How to get an Authorization Token

Useful for exercises that user should be logged in

yarn get-token

Setup .env

Web and workshops consumes a local .env, you just need to copy the .env.example to .env inside each package

cp .env.example .env


yarn web

Run both

yarn start

How to run Workshop exercises

  • go inside the workshop//
  • run yarn start

Example for 01-fetchGraphQL

cd ./workshop/01-fetchGraphQL
yarn start

Feedback Form

Remote Workshop

If you are interested in this workshop as a remote workshop (live), send an email to [email protected] I can run this workshop in English/Portuguese (I'm still learning Spanish)


You can donate to me on Patreon (, or Bitcoin

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