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🍰 As lovely as sagiri

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As lovely as sagiri

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As lovely as sagiri, based on hexo-theme-sagiri

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  • https://blog.imlazy.ink:233
  • https://mianao.info
  • ···


  1. Download from releases to your blog's theme folder.
  2. Enable it in the background management, if an error occurs, rename the folder to sagiri
  • If you need to update the theme, download the latest version, then overwrite the original file to complete the update, some new features need to be enabled in the background to take effect.
git clone https://github.com/shiyiya/typecho-theme-sagiri.git


Most of Feature was off, turn on by yourself.

  • [ ] Instantclick
  • [x] Code Highlight
  • [ ] Lazy load Image
  • [x] Short Code
  • [ ] OwO (Comment Emoji)

Code Highlight

Using Prism.js as code highlighting. sagiri default comes with 5 themes & supported 32 language, if you need more, just go here to download.

Special Page

  • Create Page.

  • Select the corresponding template and fill in the correct path and turn off "allow commomt"
search.html Without restriction archive.html category.html


Short Code

  • video Short Code
  - bilibili video

will render video shot

  • ...


  • Index Post Card Home Article Overview The default maximum output is Infinity characters, you can manually add the truncation
     control output.

⬇ ⬇ ⬇ example (Article content)

  ## hello world


I will not show it on the single page Can you find me?

  • Article thumbnail weight of the thumbnail: Article field -> The first Upload Image of Article -> Image link in the article -> Random Image


Create a template before this, the content format is as follows

- ![avatar descript](avatar href)[href descript](href)
descript - [title](href)
descript - [title](href)

Comment Emoji

How to import custom Emoji ?


typecho-theme-sagiri © shiyi, Released under the GPL-3.0 License.
Authored and maintained by DIYgod with help from contributors (list).

Blog @OZOO · GitHub @shiyi · Twitter @shiyi


Thank you for your support :-)


If you feel like to help us build a better Sagiri, you can

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The All Html,CSS,JavaScript,and PHP files are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3:


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