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A Survey and Taxonomy of the Recent GANs Development & GAN-based Action Recognition Implementations

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[2020/11/24] Our paper gets acceptted into ACM Computing Surveys,and we will continue to polish this work into the 5th version.

[2020/06/20] We have updated our 4th version of GAN survey paper ! It inlcudes more recent GANs proposed at CVPR, ICCV 2019/2020, more intuitive visualization of GAN Taxonomy.

[2020/10/04] GANs related to our latest paper will be updated shortly.


A Survey and Taxonomy of the Recent GANs Development. Please refer to the details in recent review paper “Generative Adversarial Networks in Computer Vision: A Survey and Taxonomy” Zhengwei Wang and Qi She and Tomas E. Ward. We also provide a list of papers related to GANs on computer vision in the GAN_CV.csv file.

If you find this useful in your research, please consider citing:

  title={Generative Adversarial Networks in Computer Vision: A Survey and Taxonomy},
  author={Wang, Zhengwei and She, Qi and Ward, Tomas E},
  journal={ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)},
  publisher={ACM New York, NY, USA}

We have classified the two GAN-variants research lines based on recent GAN developments, below we provide a summary and the demo code of these models. We have tested the codes below and tried to summary some of lightweight and easy-to-reuse module of state-of-the-art GANs.

Architecture-variant GANs

LAPGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

DCGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

BEGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

PROGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

SAGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

BigGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

Your Local GAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

AutoGAN: (PyTorch)

MSG-GAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

Loss-variant GANs

WGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

WGAN-GP: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

LSGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

f-GAN: (TensorFlow)

UGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

LS-GAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

MRGAN: (TensorFlow and PyTorch)

Geometric GAN: (PyTorch)

RGAN: (TensorFlow and PyTorch)

SN-GAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

RealnessGAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

Sphere GAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

Self-supervised GAN: (TensorFlow) (PyTorch)

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