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React component for card https://github.com/jessepollak/card

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React credit card component

jessepollak's Card make credit card forms look awesome. card-react is a React component that aims to do the same for React.


From version 1.1.20 card-react supports React 0.14.7 and up


  • Validate inputs
  • Format form inputs
  • Identify card type
  • Initialize the card element with user details
  • The card element itself don't have to be a child of the form - it can be rendered anywhere

How to install

  • npm install card-react
  • Add
    file to your project's stylesheets. You can find it at


Include card-react in your code:

import CardReactFormContainer from 'card-react';

Once included, you can initialize the component. you'll need to make the component the container of your form:


// the container in which the card component will be rendered - can be anywhere in the DOM

To run the example:

  • npm install
  • npm start


  • npm start
  • Open http://localhost:8000/
  • npm run build after you make the changes

Future Plans

  • move to webpack
  • add tests

You are more than welcome to contribute. Enjoy!

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