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ūü¶Ą The unofficial Python client for the Uniswap exchange.

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The unofficial Python client for Uniswap.

The authors are in no way affiliated with or funded by Uniswap,, or any subsidiaries or affiliates of any of the previously mentioned entities.

This package supports Uniswap V2 as of version 0.4.0.


  • A simple to use Python wrapper for all available contract functions and variables
  • Simple parsing of data returned from the Uniswap contract

Under Development

  • Better error handling

Getting Started

This README is documentation on the syntax of the python client presented in this repository. See function docstrings for full syntax details. This API attempts to present a clean interface to Uniswap, but in order to use it to its full potential, you must familiarize yourself with the official Uniswap documentation.


You may manually install the project or use pip:

pip install uniswap-python


pip install git+git://

Environment Variables

The program expects an environment variables to be set in order to run the program. You can use an Infura node, since the transactions are being signed locally and broadcast as a raw transaction. The environment variable is:

PROVIDER  # HTTP Provider for web3

Public Client

Only some endpoints in the API are available to everyone. The public endpoints can be reached using PublicClient

from uniswap import Uniswap
address = "YOUR ADDRESS"          # or "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000", if you're not making transactions
private_key = "YOUR PRIVATE KEY"  # or None, if you're not going to make transactions
uniswap_wrapper = Uniswap(address, private_key, version=2)  # pass version=2 to use Uniswap v2
eth = "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
bat = "0x0D8775F648430679A709E98d2b0Cb6250d2887EF"
dai = "0x89d24A6b4CcB1B6fAA2625fE562bDD9a23260359"

Market Methods

  • getfeemaker

  • getfeetaker

  • getethtokeninputprice ```python

    Get the public price for ETH to Token trades with an exact input.

    uniswapwrapper.getethtokeninputprice(bat, 110*18) uniswapwrapper.getethtokeninputprice(dai, 510*18) ```

  • gettokenethinputprice ```python

    Get the public price for token to ETH trades with an exact input.

    uniswapwrapper.gettokenethinputprice(bat, 110*18) uniswapwrapper.gettokenethinputprice(dai, 510*18) ```

  • getethtokenoutputprice ```python

    Get the public price for ETH to Token trades with an exact output

    uniswapwrapper.getethtokenoutputprice(bat, 110*18) uniswapwrapper.getethtokenoutputprice(dai, 510*18) ```

  • gettokenethoutputprice ```python

    Get the public price for token to ETH trades with an exact output.

    uniswapwrapper.gettokenethoutputprice(bat, 110*18) uniswapwrapper.gettokenethoutputprice(dai, 510*18) ```

ERC20 Pool Methods (v1 only)

  • getexeth_balance ```python

    Get the balance of ETH in an exchange contract.

    uniswapwrapper.getexethbalance(bat) ```

  • getextoken_balance ```python

    Get the balance of a token in an exchange contract.

    uniswapwrapper.getextokenbalance(bat) ```

  • getexchangerate ```python

    Get the exchange rate of token/ETH

    uniswapwrapper.getexchange_rate(bat) ```

Liquidity Methods (v1 only)

  • add_liquidity ```python

    Add liquidity to the pool.

    uniswapwrapper.addliquidity(bat, 110*18) ```

  • remove_liquidity ```python

    Remove liquidity from the pool.

    uniswapwrapper.removeliquidity(bat, 110*18) ```



Unit tests are under development using the pytest framework. Contributions are welcome!

Test are run on a fork of the main net using ganache-cli. You need to install it with

npm install -g ganache-cli
before running tests.

To run the full test suite, in the project directory run:

make test


Ownership Disclosure

  • I own some BAT and DAI tokens that are seen in the examples above. These tokens are used only for example purposes and are not meant to be an endorsement. I am not affiliated with BAT, Brave, Basic Attention Token, Brave Browser, DAI, Maker, MakerDAO, or any subsidiaries.


0.4.6 * Bug fix: Update bleach package from 3.1.4 to 3.3.0

0.4.5 * Bug fix: Use .eth instead of .ens


  • General: Add new logo for Uniswap V2
  • Bug fix: Invalid balance check (#25)
  • Bug fix: Fixed error when passing WETH as token


  • Allow kwargs in


  • Add note about Uniswap V2 support


  • Update changelog for PyPi and clean up


A huge thank you Erik Bjäreholt for adding Uniswap V2 support, as well as all changes in this version!

  • Added support for Uniswap v2
  • Handle arbitrary tokens (by address) using the factory contract
  • Switched from to pyproject.toml/poetry
  • Switched from Travis to GitHub Actions
  • For CI to work in your repo, you need to set the secret MAINNET_PROVIDER. I use Infura.
  • Running tests on a local fork of mainnet using ganache-cli (started as a fixture)
  • Fixed tests for maketrade and maketrade_output
  • Added type annotations to the entire codebase and check them with mypy in CI
  • Formatted entire codebase with black
  • Moved stuff around such that the basic import becomes from uniswap import Uniswap (instead of from uniswap.uniswap import UniswapWrapper)
  • Fixed misc bugs

0.3.3 * Provide token inputs as addresses instead of names

0.3.2 * Add ability to transfer tokens after a trade * Add tests for this new functionality

0.3.1 * Add tests for all types of trades

0.3.0 * Add ability to make all types of trades * Add example to README

0.2.1 * Add liquidity tests

0.2.0 * Add liquidity and ERC20 pool methods

0.1.1 * Major README update

0.1.0 * Add market endpoints * Add tests for market endpoints

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