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A Webpack plugin that treats a file with the name of directory as the index file

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master requires Webpack V4, please use 2.x versions for Webpack V2.x & V3.x and 1.x versions for Webpack V1



Normally, Webpack looks for index file when the path passed to

points to a directory; which means there may have a lot of index files.

This plugin makes it possible to control what file within directory will be treated as entry file.


Add the following to Webpack's config file:

  var DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin = require("directory-named-webpack-plugin");

resolve: { plugins: [ new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin() ] }

Then when

and the path "component/foo" is resolved to a directory, Webpack will try to look for
as the entry (given default options).

If there is also an index file, e.g.

, and it should be used as entry file instead of the file with the same name of directory, pass
as the first argument when creating new instance.
  var DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin = require("directory-named-webpack-plugin");

resolve: { plugins: [ new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin(true) ] }

You can also pass in an options object to further customise the plugin: ```javascript var DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin = require("directory-named-webpack-plugin"); var path = require("path");

resolve: { plugins: [ new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin({ honorIndex: true | false, // defaults to false

    // respect "main" fields defined in package.json
    // if it's an Array, values will be used as name of the fields to check
    // defaults to true, which is the same as ["main"]
    honorPackage: true | false | ["main"],

// if it's matching with resolving directory's path, plugin will ignore the custom resolving.
// it can be string/regex or Array of string/regex.
exclude: /node_modules/

ignoreFn: function(webpackResolveRequest) {
  // custom logic to decide whether request should be ignored
  // return true if request should be ignored, false otherwise
  return false; // default

// define where the imported files will be resolving by DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin.
// it can be string/regex or Array of string/regex.
include: [

transformFn: function(dirName, dirPath, webpackResolveRequest) {
  // use this function to provide custom transforms of resolving directory name
  // return desired filename or array of filenames which will be used
  // one by one (honoring order) in attempts to resolve module
  return dirName; // default

}) ]

} ```

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