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An Ansible role to deploy a fully dynamic Sensu stack!

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This role deploys a full Sensu Core stack, a modern, open source monitoring framework.

End of Life

Please note that this role solely deploys Sensu Core which has reached end of life status.

For more details, please checkout and

If you'd like to migrate to Sensu Go, there are docs availible at and a new officially Ansible Collection supported by XLab available here:


  • Deploy a full Sensu stack, including RabbitMQ, redis, and the Uchiwa dashboard
  • Full support for Sensu Enterprise
  • Tight integration with the Ansible inventory - deployment of monitoring checks based on inventory grouping
  • Fine grained control over dynamic client configurations
  • Remote plugin deployment
  • Automatic generation and dynamic deployment of SSL certs for secure communication between your clients and servers
  • Highly configurable

Batteries included, but not imposed

Along with deploying the Sensu Server, API and clients, this role can deploy a full stack: RabbitMQ, redis, and the Uchiwa dashboard. However, if you want to rely on other roles/management methods to deploy/manage these services, it's nice and easy to integrate this role.

Documentation Documentation

Read the full documentation for a comprehensive overview of this role and its powerful features.


This role requires: - A supported version of Ansible, see Ansible version support for details. - The

variable to be set: see Dynamic Data Store - If
is true (the default), the
variable needs to be set: see Check Deployment

Supported Platforms

Automatically tested via TravisCI

Supported manually (compatibility not always guaranteed)

Role Variables

See Role Variables for a detailed list of the variables this role uses

Example Playbook

  - hosts: all
      - role: sensu.sensu

Or, passing parameter values:

  - hosts: sensu_masters
      - { role: sensu.sensu, sensu_master: true, sensu_include_dashboard: true  }

Ansible version support

All changes to this role are actively tested against Ansible 2.6 and 2.7 at this time. Ansible 2.5 is required at a minimum.



Author Information

Originally created by Calum MacRae and supported by the Sensu Community Ansible Maintainers


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