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CSS Playing Cards help you to create simple and semantic playing cards in (X)HTML

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CSS Playing Cards

CSS Playing Cards help you to create simple and semantic playing cards in (X)HTML.

  • @author Anika Henke [email protected]
  • @license CC BY-SA [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0]
  • @version 2011-06-14
  • @link http://selfthinker.github.com/CSS-Playing-Cards/


  • cards.css is the main part and provides the styles for the cards
  • cards-ie.css is a tiny fix for IE < 9 to make a simple version work
  • cards-ie9.css is a fix for IE9
  • examples.html provides some example HTML
  • README.md is this file
  • faces/ contains images for the faces

How to use it

Surrounding container


There needs to be a surrounding container with the class "playingCards" around all the cards. That container can also have other classes which serve as configuration options:

  • fourColours: Switches the default two colour deck with a four colour deck. (The colours of the German four colour deck will be different.)
  • faceImages: Switches the default dingbat symbols for faces with images. Note: Depending on the size of the card, you might need to adjust the image positioning of the faces in cards.css and the font-size in cards-ie9.css (search for "@change").
  • simpleCards: Switches the default multiple suits to one simple single big suit in the middle.
  • inText: Switches the size to something small enough to fit into normal text and also removes the inner bits.
  • rotateHand: Switches the hand to rotate and fan in a semi circle.

The back of a card


To make the cards smaller or bigger, just change the font-size in the main "card" class in cards.css (search for "@change").

The front of a card


Depending on the context, the main card element should either be an a (for selecting single cards), a label (for selecting multiple cards), an abbr (for making a card more accessible with a title), a div or a span (for pure representation or played cards), e.g.


A joker


Different hands

  • [] ... card ... []
  • ...
  • table places the whole cards side by side.
  • hand places them side by side, but lets them overlap, so you will only see a part of each card. If the "rotateHand" option is enabled, you'll see the cards rotated in a semi circle.
  • deck places the cards on top of each other, so that you cannot see single cards but a pack.


The CSS is only intended to work in modern browsers (Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, Chrome, Safari, IE9). To make a basic version work in IE8, you need the provided cards-ie.css. And IE9 also needs a little fix, as provided in cards-ie9.css.


  • The faces' images are taken from svg-cards
  • One of the cards back images was taken from http://www.squidfingers.com/patterns/

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