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A modern password field.

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Please note: - I'm happy to hear people are getting use out of this component, however, I'm no longer using it or able to maintain it. Please check out the issue here for updates.

React UX Password Field

Demo and full options:

This react component aims to improve common issues in password field UX.

  1. Password Strength Detection - Using Dropbox's zxcvbn library in real-time, onChange.
  2. Timed Password Masking - Best explained in the nngroup article: Stop Password Masking
  3. Stateful Class - Know the HTML5 validity of your field by class.


npm install react-ux-password-field


// use it like any other react component.
// just require and place it inside your render function.

var InputPassword = require('react-ux-password-field');


render: function() { return ( ) }

* React UX Password Field is UMD compatible, meaning it will load with commonJS, AMD/RequireJS, or standalone.

Options (props)

React UX Password Field will work fine with its defaults, but there is a lot of configuration options.

Read them on the site:


Pull requests are happily welcomed, please explaining the problem you're solving first, and pull-request to an upstream branch instead of master.

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