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AngularJS and Rails port of the famous Cafe Townsend demo originally written in ActionScript

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AngularJS (v.1.3.8) + Rails (v.4.2.0) port of Cafe Townsend application

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AngularJS and Rails port of the famous Cafe Townsend application originally written in ActionScript.

The application covers the following topics:

Demo (YouTube)

Click on screen shot to see live demo on YouTube

Demo (Heroku)

Tools and Libraries (in alphabetical order)

For testing purposes:

Local installation

1) Open Terminal

git clone git://
cd CafeTownsend-Angular-Rails
bundle install --without production
bower install
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed
spring rails s

2) Open http://localhost:3000 using Chrome


Note: Make sure that you have PhantomJS installed on your machine.

Before running tests match the development schema to the test database (only once)

rake db:test:clone

Running Rails specs using Spring:

spring rspec

Running JavaScript specs using Spring:

spring teaspoon

Running all tests with Guard and Spring


Version history






Jens Krause // WEBSECTOR.DE

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