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Deadline countdowns for academic conferences in Security and Privacy

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Security and Privacy deadlines countdown

Based on ai-deadlines by @abshkdz

Adding/updating a conference

  • Read the data format description below. Note that the timezone format sign is inverted (e.g., UTC+7 is written as
    ). It's not a bug. I hate this format too. I'd be happy to move to a different timezone JavaScript library that uses a friendlier format, but I don't have time for that.
  • Update
    . You can do that on Github or locally after forking the repo.
  • Send a pull request

Conference entry record

Example record:

- name: Euro S&P
  description: IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy
  year: 2018
  deadline: "2017-08-15 23:59"
  date: April 24-26
  place: London, UK
  tags: [SEC, PRIV]

Descriptions of the fields:

| Field name | Description | |---------------|-------------------------------------------------------------| |

* | Short conference name, without year | |
* | Year the conference is happening | |
| Description, or long name | |
* | URL to the conference home page | |
* | Deadline, or list of deadlines. (Gory details below) | |
| Timezone in tz format. By default is UTC-12 (AoE) | |
| When the conference is happening | |
| Where the conference is happening | |
| One or multiple tags:
, or

Fields marked with asterisk (*) are required.

Deadline format

The deadline field can contain:

  1. The simplest option: a date and time in ISO format. Example:
    "2017-08-19 23:59"
  2. If a deadline is rolling, you can use a template date, just substitute the year with
    , or month with
    . Example:
    "%y-%m-15 23:59"
    means there is a deadline on the 15th day of every month, every year.
    means a deadline on 15th day of every month, but only in 2017, i.e.
    is not a part of this template.
  3. A list of (1) or (2). Example of two rolling deadlines, with one in the end of May every year, and the second in the end of February:
    - "%y-05-31 23:59"
    - "%y-02-28 23:59"

On the page, all deadlines are displayed in viewer's local time (that's a feature).

Note: If the deadline hour is

, it will be automatically translated into
to avoid pain and confusion when it happens to be midnight in local time.


The timezone is specified in tz format. Unlike abbreviations (e.g. EST), these are un-ambiguous. Here are tz codes for some common timezones:

| Common name | tz | |-------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------| | UTC |

| | America Pacific Time |
| | Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) |
(Yes, the sign is inverted for some weird reason) | | America Eastern Time |
| | Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) |
| | American Samoa Time (UTC-11) |
. This timezone does not use DST. | | Aleutian Islands |

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