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:fire: Seata is an easy-to-use, high-performance, open source distributed transaction solution.

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Seata: Simple Extensible Autonomous Transaction Architecture

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What is Seata?

A distributed transaction solution with high performance and ease of use for microservices architecture.

Distributed Transaction Problem in Microservices

Let's imagine a traditional monolithic application. Its business is built up with 3 modules. They use a single local data source.

Naturally, data consistency will be guaranteed by the local transaction.

Monolithic App

Things have changed in microservices architecture. The 3 modules mentioned above are designed to be 3 services on top of 3 different data sources (Pattern: Database per service). Data consistency within every single service is naturally guaranteed by the local transaction.

But how about the whole business logic scope?

Microservices Problem

How Seata do?

Seata is just a solution to the problem mentioned above.

Seata solution

Firstly, how to define a Distributed Transaction?

We say, a Distributed Transaction is a Global Transaction which is made up with a batch of Branch Transaction, and normally Branch Transaction is just Local Transaction.

Global & Branch

There are 3 basic components in Seata:

  • Transaction Coordinator(TC): Maintain status of global and branch transactions, drive the global commit or rollback.
  • Transaction Manager(TM): Define the scope of global transaction: begin a global transaction, commit or rollback a global transaction.
  • Resource Manager(RM): Manage resources that branch transactions working on, talk to TC for registering branch transactions and reporting status of branch transactions, and drive the branch transaction commit or rollback.


A typical lifecycle of Seata managed distributed transaction:

  1. TM asks TC to begin a new global transaction. TC generates an XID representing the global transaction.
  2. XID is propagated through microservices' invoke chain.
  3. RM register local transaction as a branch of the corresponding global transaction of XID to TC.
  4. TM asks TC for committing or rollbacking the corresponding global transaction of XID.
  5. TC drives all branch transactions under the corresponding global transaction of XID to finish branch committing or rollbacking.

Typical Process

For more details about principle and design, please go to Seata wiki page.


Ant Financial
  • XTS: Extended Transaction Service. Ant Financial middleware team developed the distributed transaction middleware since 2007, which is widely used in Ant Financial and solves the problems of data consistency across databases and services.

  • DTX: Distributed Transaction Extended. Since 2013, XTS has been published on the Ant Financial Cloud, with the name of DTX .

  • TXC: Taobao Transaction Constructor. Alibaba middleware team start this project since 2014 to meet distributed transaction problem caused by application architecture change from monolithic to microservices.
  • GTS: Global Transaction Service. TXC as an Aliyun middleware product with new name GTS was published since 2016.
  • Fescar: we start the open source project Fescar based on TXC/GTS since 2019 to work closely with the community in the future.
Seata Community
  • Seata :Simple Extensible Autonomous Transaction Architecture. Ant Financial joins Fescar, which make it to be a more neutral and open community for distributed transaction,and Fescar be renamed to Seata.

Maven dependency


Quick Start

Quick Start


You can view the full documentation from the wiki: Seata wiki page.

Reporting bugs

Please follow the template for reporting any issues.


Contributors are welcomed to join the Seata project. Please check CONTRIBUTING about how to contribute to this project.


  • Twitter: Follow along for latest Seata news on Twitter.

Mailing list:

Seata ecosystem


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contributors].


Seata is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

Who is using

These are only part of the companies using Seata, for reference only. If you are using Seata, please add your company here to tell us your scenario to make Seata better.

Alibaba Group 蚂蚁金服 阿里云 中航信 中国铁塔 滴滴 联通(浙江) 中国邮政 58集团 太极计算机 政采云 浙江公安厅 特步 中通快递 美的集团 浙江烟草 韵达快递 波司登 凯京科技 点购集团 求是创新健康 TCL 科蓝 康美药业 雁联 学两手 衣二三 悦途出行 睿颐软件 有利网 赛维 安心保险 科达科技 会分期 会找房 全房通 会通教育 享住智慧 兰亮网络 蓝天教育 烟台欣合 阿康健康 新脉远 乾动新能源 路客精品民宿 深圳好尔美 浙大睿医 居然之家 臻善科技 中国支付通 众网小贷 谐云科技 浙江甄品 深圳海豚网 汇通天下 九机网 有好东西 南京智慧盾 数跑科技 拉粉粉 汇通达 财新传媒 易宝支付 维恩贝特 八库 大诚若谷 成都数智索 北京超图 深圳易佰 宿迁民丰农商银行 杭州喜团科技 上海海智在线 丞家(上海)公寓管理 安徽国科新材科 易点生活 商银信支付 钛师傅云 广州力生信息 杭州启舰科技有限公司 上海美浮特 杭州中威慧云医疗科技有限公司 易族智汇(北京) 佛山宅无限 F5未来商店 甄品信息科技 行云全球汇跨境电商(杭州分部) 世纪加华 海牛电子商务 杭州华网信息 快陪练 西南石油大学 领课网络 美通社 睿维科技有限公司 郑州信源信息技术 荣怀集团 浙江群集大数据科技有限公司 北京易点租有限公司

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