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Geospatial messenger application written with Spring Boot + Kotlin + PostgreSQL

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This is a sample application that demonstrates how to build a Kotlin + Spring Boot applications with a PostgreSQL database. The code is very concise, and the generated application is a 18 MBytes self-contained executable jar with low memory consumption.

A detailed blog post describing this application is available here.

It is used as a playground to demonstrate various features: - Gradle build.gradle.kts file written in Kotlin instead of Groovy, see gradle-script-kotlin for more details. - Simple User and Message domain model classes thanks to Kotlin data classes. - The Application class shows how to configure a Kotlin Spring Boot application. - Typesafe SQL DSL with Exposed that allows to define your SQL tables and describe your SQL requests with a fluent API without requiring code generation. - Controllers demonstrates how to use Spring Framework 4.3 upcoming

annotation shortcuts, as well as Server-Sent Events to push data to the client. - Kotlin extensions allows to add Geospatial support to Exposed and use it as if this was supported out of the box. - The REST API is fully tested and documented thanks to the awesome Spring REST docs , see MessageControllerTests and index.adoc. - The client side is originally a pure HTML + Javascript application developed with OpenLayers mapping library, see index.html and map.js. But an experimental (work in progress) Kotlin2js version has ben contributed by @bashor, you can find it here.

A Spring Data version based on spring-data-jdbc-repository is also available in this branch. There is no Spring Data JPA version yet but feel free to fork this repo and contribute it with a pull request!

Run the application

  • Install a PostgreSQL database with PostGis extension, on Mac you can use Postgresapp.
  • Clone this repository.
  • Customize database configuration on application.yml.
  • Run it within your IDE or with
    ./gradlew bootRun
  • Open
    in your browser. Screenshot
  • Documentation should be available at
    when run from the JAR.

Improvements I have in mind

  • Exposed issue #24: see if Exposed could support natively data classes + repository patten.
  • Spring HATEOAS issue #401: add HATEOAS support, but without having to extend
    or wrapping it into a
    container .

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