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Create an offline music playlist from a single song :notes:

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Generate an offline playlist from a single song.


  • Similar song matching using or Spotify
  • Automatic downloading of songs
  • Builtin music server for webhooks


First install



    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg    (DEBIAN)
    brew install ffmpeg            (MAC)

.. _ffmpeg:

Install with

pip install playlistfromsong

Download a playlist of 5 songs similar to Miles Davis' Blue In Green::

playlistfromsong --song 'Miles Davis Blue In Green' --num 5 -f /path/to/save

.. image:: :target: :alt: Demo1

Use a bearer token

to use Spotify to find suggestions::
playlistfromsong --song 'Miles Davis Blue In Green' --num 5 -f /path/to/save -b 'BEARER'

.. image:: :target: :alt: Demo1

For more complete usage, see the docs.

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