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A WeChat MiniProgram Image AR using computer vision. No OpenCV, No Deep Learning. Only JavaScript Implementation.

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| Date   | Update | | -- | -- | | 2021-09-07 | New: Added a Color Tracker mode. Please see the "Color AR". | | 2021-08-15 | New: Added a video mask mode for image AR. This is a CSS 3D transformation, which does not require three.js. Please see the "Image AR and Video Mask". Update: Replace the spirit geometry with a plane geometry. | | 2021-04-03 | Update: The "access a camera" mode of Image AR is recoverd. | | 2021-03-15 | New: The display of the AR mask is changed from 2D to 3D by three.js. Update: Because the "access a camera" mode is slow, it is removed. | | 2019-08-16 | Update: The project structure has been modified. The color tracker and object tracker are removed. Fix "access a camera" mode that does not work properly on Android. | | 2019-08-06 | Fix Issue: When function "wx.canvasToTempFilePath" is called frequently on Android Wechat, WeChat will be crashed. | | 2019-08-01 | Update: The perspective transform is achieved. | | 2019-07-15 | Update: The NFT(Natural Feature Tracking) is achieved. | | 2019-07-08 | New: The affine transform is achieved. |

Introduction on WeChat Web AR

This is a WeChat Web AR. On July 5, 2019, WeChat miniprogram supported AR. It was added a new API named "CameraFrameListener".

CameraFrameListener API

We can create AR effects with the new API. This demo demonstrates a AR tracker effect using "tracking.js" and "jsfeat" library.

The "tracking.js" brings computer vision algorithms and techniques into browser environment. The "jsfeat" is also a JavaScript computer vision library. We can do real-time image and face detection.

tracking.js and JSFeat

Index Page of the WeChat Mini-program

avatar avatar

Image AR and 3D Mask

Use the demo to scan a pattern image below.


A cat beard is on the pattern image.


A effect of translating and scaling.


A effect of rotating.


Image AR and Video Mask

Use the demo to scan a rotating image below.


A video player is on and aligned with the image.


Face AR

Use the demo to scan a face. Expect a effect below.


A effect of translating and scaling.


Because the landmarks of the demo are simple and basic, only a effect of translating and scaling is on a rotating image.


Color AR

Use the demo to scan a yellow color. Expect a effect below.


A effect of hiddening.


Custom the color of the highlighted area.


How to replace the "cat beard" image

You may replace the default url of a image for 2D mask.

File: /packageimagetracker/pages/photo/photo.js and packagefacetracker/pages/photo/photo.js

// a url of sprite image
const modelUrl = '../../utils/cat_beard.png';

The width and height of the "modelurl" image should be 256 x 256, 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 etc.

How to replace the pattern image for Image AR

File: /packagefacetracker/utils/imageBusiness.js

const patternImageUrl = '../../../face_pattern.jpg';

a pattern image


How to put a image on other positions for Image AR

Select a track point on a pattern image, the point is used to set the "cat beard" image.

File: /packageimagetracker/utils/modelBusiness.js

// a index of a track point on a pattern image
const trackPoint = { 
    x: 185, // the width of the pattern image is 375
    y: 224, // the height of the pattern image is 375

How to put a image on other positions for Face AR

This is a map of the 31 keypoints of a face.



For example, a number 27 and number 29 are the sides of the mouth.

File: /packagefacetracker/utils/modelBusiness.js

// index of the track points of the face
const trackPointA = {
    // index of a landmark
    id: 27,
    // X coordinate
    x: 155.69898111309, // the width of the face image is 375
const trackPointB = {
    // index of a landmark
    id: 29,
    // X coordinate
    x: 216.53075265284997, // the width of the face image is 375

Known Issues

The AR demo is very slow on iOS WeChat.

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