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Android Runtime Permission for Unity

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Plugin for use runtime permission at unity. It works only Android Devices runtimepermission


Unity5 or higher


Use unitypackage at the release page


1 Add uses-permission to AndroidManifest


2 Add Custom Activity and SkipPermissionsDialog to Android Manifest


3 Add UniAndroidPermission.prefab at boot scene ※ Don't rename object name!!

4 Call method before function which need permissions

Check if permission permitted.

UniAndroidPermission.IsPermitted (AndroidPermission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)

Request Permission

public void RequestPermission()
    UniAndroidPermission.RequestPermission(AndroidPermission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, OnAllow, OnDeny, OnDenyAndNeverAskAgain);

private void OnAllow() { // execute action that uses permitted function. }

private void OnDeny() { // back screen / show warnking window }

private void OnDenyAndNeverAskAgain() { // show warning window and open app permission setting page }




The MIT License

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