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Pytorch implementation of "One-Shot Unsupervised Cross Domain Translation" NIPS 2018

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Pytorch implementation of One-Shot Unsupervised Cross Domain Translation (arxiv).


  • Python 3.6
  • Pytorch 0.4
  • Numpy/Scipy/Pandas
  • Progressbar
  • OpenCV
  • visdom
  • dominate


To train autoencoder for both MNIST and SVHN (In mnisttosvhn folder): python --useaugmentation=True

To train OST for MNIST to SVHN: python --pretrainedg=True --savemodelsandsamples=True --useaugmentation=True --onewaycycle=True --freeze_shared=False

To train OST for SVHN to MNIST: python --pretrainedg=True --savemodelsandsamples=True --useaugmentation=True --onewaycycle=True --freeze_shared=False

Drawing and Style Transfer Tasks

Download Dataset

To download dataset (in drawingandstyletransfer folder): bash datasets/ $DATASETNAME where DATASETNAME is one of (facades, cityscapes, maps, monet2photo, summer2winteryosemite)

Train Autoencoder

To train autoencoder for facades (in drawingandstyletransfer folder): python --dataroot=./datasets/facades/trainB --name=facadesautoencoder --model=autoencoder --datasetmode=single --nodropout --ndownsampling=2 --numunshared=2

In the reverse direction (images of facades): python --dataroot=./datasets/facades/trainA --name=facadesautoencoderreverse --model=autoencoder --datasetmode=single --nodropout --ndownsampling=2 --numunshared=2

Train OST

To train OST for images to facades: python --dataroot=./datasets/facades/ --name=facadesost --loaddir=facadesautoencoder --model=ost --nodropout --ndownsampling=2 --numunshared=2 --start=0 --maxitemsA=1

To train OST for facades to images (reverse direction): python --dataroot=./datasets/facades/ --name=facadesostreverse --loaddir=facadesautoencoderreverse --model=ost --nodropout --ndownsampling=2 --numunshared=2 --start=0 --maxitemsA=1 --A='B' --B='A'

To visualize losses: run python -m visdom.server

Test OST

To test OST for images to facades: python --dataroot=./datasets/facades/ --name=facadesost --model=ost --nodropout --ndownsampling=2 --numunshared=2 --start=0 --maxitemsA=1

To test OST for facades to images (reverse direction): python --dataroot=./datasets/facades/ --name=facadesostreverse --model=ost --nodropout --ndownsampling=2 --numunshared=2 --start=0 --maxitems_A=1 --A='B' --B='A'


Additional scripts for other datasets are at ./drawingandstyle_transfer/scripts

Options are at ./drawingandstyle_transfer/options


If you found this code useful, please cite the following paper:

  title={One-Shot Unsupervised Cross Domain Translation},
  author={Sagie Benaim and Lior Wolf},

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