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Openbox Ricing Wrapper

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ORW - Openbox Ricing Wrapper is collection of bash scripts and config files, conceptualized to provide cohesive experience for ricing enthusiasts.

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Since this is first official release, I strongly advise trying it on some sort of safe (live/virtual) environment first.

Few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Setup script is currently supported only on Debian and Arch based distros.
    By "supported" I mean it's written to handle dependencies only using Debian and Arch package managers, apt and pacman.
  • In case of multi monitor setup, make sure all monitors are connected in exact order xrandr lists them.
  • In order for everything to work as expected, ORW uses its own configs, which will overwrite existing ones during installation. ORW provides some basic sort of backup, but if you have some really crutial configs you don't want to lose, please back them up manually.

Known issues

  • Bar respawning mechanism can fail sometimes, in case it happes, just kill all running instances, and start them again: -k -b bar1,bar2,...
  • Bar calculate font size according to it's height. If default size is changed, font size will change accordingly. In case font size is changed, if you use icons and adjustible width, you'll most likely have to adjust font icons sizes manually (~/.orw/scripts/bar/, lines 401 - 411.), until all is aligned as it's supposed to.


Go to orw directory and run

cd path/to/orw


Useful manuals

  • bar - orw status bar

  • barctl - orw bar management script

  • ras - orw theme management script

  • wallctl - orw wallpaper management script

  • windowctl - orw window management script

  • borderctl - orw border and padding management script

  • opacityctl - orw opacity management script

  • toggle - orw script for toggling options

Rofi shortcuts

Alt + Tab - App switcher

Alt + [Left|Right] - Changes modi

Alt + a - Apps group consists of following modis: apps I'm frequently using** - default modi, all orw scripts, all apps.

Alt + w - Windows group consists of following modis: window buttons actions** - default modi, some conveniant windowctl shortcuts.

Alt + d - Workspaces group consists of following modis: change workspace** - default modi, move active window to workspace, change workspace and restore corresponding wallpaper.

Alt + z - Ncmpcpp group consists of following modis: playback options - default modi, playlist management, music library, ncmpcpp layouts.

Alt + c - Color group consists of following modis: list of all orw colorschemes** - default modi, list of colorschemes by specific module.

Alt + f - Files Script for file management.

Alt + s - Wallpapers Script for wallpaper management.

Alt + m - Mount Script for mounting devices.

Alt + v - Volume Script for changing volume.

Alt + p - Playlist Script for selecting song from current mpd playlist.

Alt + l - Library Script for adding song from mpd library to current playlist.

Alt + q - Logout Scrippt for ending current session.

Window management shortcuts

Super + w - Starts script for listening input. This key combination is required prior to any of following commands.

F - Fills window in both directions.

f [h|v] - Fills window in provided direction.

A - Fills adjucent windows according to active window new properties.

C - Centers window in both directions.

c [h|v] - Centers window in provided direction.

a - Selects all windows to save/restore.

s - Saves active window or all windows if pressed after a.

R - Restores active window or all windows if pressed after a.

e - Selects active window's edge.

b - Respects bar's edge like display's starting/ending vertival point.

o - Respects offsets.

E - Applies provided size ratio equaly to both width and height of active window.

M [trbl] - Mirroring properties of nearset window in provided direction.

D [hv] n - Doubles active window in provided orientation n times.

H [hv] n - Same as D, just halves instead.

r [trbl] - Resizes active window to the provided display edge. ** can be done by pressing Ctrl + Alt + and arrow key in wanted direction.

r [hv] n m - Resizes active window to provided ratio n/m. **d m must be single digit numbers.

m [trblhv] - same as r, just moves insted.

g - Arranges all windows in grid.

z - Zoom active window.

Super + arrow key - Moves active window in wanted direction.

Shift + arrow key - Resizes active window right/bottom edge in wanted direction.

Ctrl + Super + Alt + arrow key - Same as above, and adjust adjucent windows accordingly.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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