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Renders markdown files to HTML with highlighted code blocks BUT ALSO RENDERS THE JAVASCRIPT ONES.

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Render Markdown JavaScript

Renders markdown files to HTML with highlighted code blocks BUT ALSO RENDERS THE JAVASCRIPT ONES.



I've got a bunch of little JavaScript UI libs that don't need much more than a for documentation, but a demo is worth a thousand's, so I'd like the code in the to actually render in a browser. Also great so people can copy/paste from the docs and know that it runs.


Write normal markdown but for code fence blocks you want to have render in the browser also, use the "render" or "render-babel" language. Github markdown hates code fenced blocks inside of code fenced blocks, so I don't have an example here, look at the

How do I get JavaScript and CSS onto the page?


, and 
 of course.

Then markdown as usual...

You can place your scripts at the bottom of the markdown file to prevent blocking your content from rendering, all scripts are run after


Also check out the file from the screenshot.

Does it babel?

Yes, first include babel standalone at the top of your markdown file and then use the

language instead of
. Again, github hates code fence blocks inside code fence blocks here so I can't really show you in this README. Check out the demo

How Do I Attach Stuff to the DOM?

There will be a variable called

available to use, its the node for just that script.

CLI Usage

npm install render-markdown-js
render-markdown-js ./ > output.html

Node API Usage

const rmj = require('render-markdown-js')
const html = rmj('#string of markdown')


There are none. Copy, paste, tweak.


Please enjoy!

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