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Simple VM based x86 PE (portable exectuable) protector.

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Name....: x86 Virtualizer - source code
Author..: ReWolf
Date....: IV/V.2007
Rel.Date: VIII.2007

e.mail..: [email protected]

Simple PE protector (x86) based on virtual machine.

Principle of operation:


This product includes Length Dissasembler engine:

  • Hacker Disassembler Engine
  • Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Veacheslav Patkov


\gpl.txt - GNU GPL license text \bin\loader\meta.exe - compiled loader \bin\protector\x86.virt.exe - compiled virtualizer \bin\testapp\vmtest.exe - compiled sample application \bin\testapp\vmtestvmed01.exe - sample app with one vm layer \bin\testapp\vmtestvmed02.exe - sample app with two vm layers \doc\x86.virt.after.gif - diagram - represents executable after virtualization \doc\x86.virt.before.gif - diagram - represents executable before virtualization \doc\x86.virt.pdf - documentation \src\loader\loader.asm - loader source code \src\protector\common.cpp - some common functions \src\protector\common.h - header for above \src\protector\hde.h - header for Hacker Disassembler Engine \src\protector\hde.lib - Hacker Disassembler Engine library \src\protector\macros.h - auxiliary macros \src\protector\main.cpp - main program (gui, PE handling etc...) \src\protector\polyencdec.h - binary version of poly(enc/dec) function \src\protector\protect.cpp - core virtualization engine \src\protector\protect.h - header for above \src\protector\res.rc - resources \src\protector\resource.h - header for above \src\testapp\main.cpp - sample application \src\testapp\res.rc - resources \src\test_app\resource.h - header for above

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