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The simplistic, dependency-free cli library ✨

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The simplistic, dependency-free cli library ✨

This branch represents the unpublished rewrite version of climake with many advantages compared to the original version which is no longer developed upon!

Example 📚

Demo of a simple package manager:

use climake::prelude::*;

fn main() { let package = Argument::new( "The package name", vec!['p', 'i'], vec!["pkg, package"], Input::Text, );

let add = Subcommand::new("add", vec![&package], vec![], "Adds a package");
let rem = Subcommand::new("rem", vec![&package], vec![], "Removes a package");

let cli = CliMake::new(
    vec![&add, &rem],
    "A simple package manager demo",

let parsed = cli.parse();

for subcommand in parsed.subcommands {
    if subcommand.inner == &add {
        println!("Adding package {:?}..", subcommand.arguments[0]);
    } else if subcommand.inner == &rem {
        println!("Removing package {:?}..", subcommand.arguments[0]);


Installation 🚀

Simply add the following to your

climake = "3.0.0-pre.1" # rewrite isn't out just yet!


This library is duel-licensed under both the MIT License (

) and Apache 2.0 License (
), you may choose at your discretion.

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