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[DEPRECATED ALPHA VERSION] Run, build and train machine learning models using a visual interface and...

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Runway: Machine Learning for Everyone

License: GPL v3 platforms ml4all

This alpha version is no longer mantained. Sign up for the beta release at


Runway is desktop application that allows to easily run state of the art machine learning models and use them in creative and interactive ways. You can connect ML models to other applications via OSC, Sockets or HTTP networks.

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  • Run state of the art machine learning models with one click
  • Connect it to any software via OSC or HTTP (See examples with Processing, Unity, MAX/MSP, Arduino, JavaScript, OpenFrameworks and TouchDesigner)
  • Preprocess video stream for interactive projects
  • Input/Output Flexibility: mix and match your inputs and outputs.
  • Run locally (CPU/GPU) or remotely in GPUs with virtual machines via Paperspace, AWS or Google Cloud

Getting Started

Download the latest version from Runway's main website ( and follow the setup instructions.


Software Examples



This project is still in active development.

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