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Sample application for my blog series on creating a Single Page CRUD app using Elm and Haskell

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= Albums Haskell/Elm App Sample application for my blog series on creating a Single Page CRUD app using Elm and Haskell v0.1.0, 2015-12-29: published :library: Asciidoctor :numbered: :idprefix: :toc: macro

== Preconditions

=== Backend The backend is written in Haskell and uses[servant] to serve a REST-api.

.You will need to install: . Haskell - You might want to install[Haskell platform] .[Stack]

=== Frontend The frontend is written in[Elm]

.You will need to install: .[Elm platform]

== Get it up and running

Firstly just clone this repo. If you wish to try out the demo app corresponding with a particular episode of the accompanying blog series, checkout the appropriate tag (named after each episode)

=== Backend . Open a terminal and cd to

. (Optional/Depending on your ghc version in path) -
stack setup
stack build
stack exec albums

If you would like to hack with reload support: -

stack install halive
alternatively clone[halive] and build with stack manually (you might need to fiddle to ensure the ghc version used matches/is compatible with the backend app) -
stack exec halive src/Main.hs src
- Edit/save and enjoy recompile and auto restart

You may test that it's up and running by

curl http://localhost:8081/artists/1

=== Frontend . Open a terminal and cd to

elm-package install --yes
npm install
npm run dev

Open a browser window with the following url:


You should now be able to do changes on .elm files, and upon save get live reload.

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