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A set of Rust crates for interacting with the Matrix chat network.

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Ruma – Your home in Matrix.

A set of Rust crates (libraries) for interacting with the Matrix chat network.

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Getting started

If you want to build a Matrix client or bot, have a look at matrix-rust-sdk. It builds on Ruma and includes handling of state storage, end-to-end encryption and many other useful things.

For homeservers, bridges and harder-to-categorize software that works with Matrix, you're at the right place. To get started, add

to your dependencies (as a git dependency if you want all of the latest improvements), enable all Cargo features that seem relevant and run
cargo doc -p ruma --open
. The
crate re-exports all relevant things, except for
, which you can use to make client-API calls to a Matrix homeserver¹.

If you use the crates through, make sure to choose versions of

that depend on the same / compatible versions of the other crates (checking one, for example
, is enough though). At the time of writing the latest versions are
ruma 0.0.2
ruma-client 0.5.0-alpha.1
, which can be used together.

If you're using the crates through git, just use the same

if you want to control the exact version only through
) for both.

This may seem a little convoluted, that's because it is. We're working on it.

¹ (better) support for the other APIs is planned


As of 2021-01-19, we support the vast majority of endpoints in all of the various Matrix APIs except the identity service API (if you want to help with that, have a look at the crate/ruma-identity-service-api label).



Minimum Rust version

Ruma currently requires Rust 1.45. In general, we will never require beta or nightly for releases of our crates, and we will try to avoid releasing crates that depend on features that were only just stabilized.

There are two exceptions to this:

  • ruma-signatures (and hence ruma with the federation-api feature) since it depends on ring, which is only guaranteed to work on the latest stable.
  • ruma-client depends on some I/O libraries (and also on ring, conditionally), so it is also only guaranteed to work on the latest stable.



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