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πŸ›  X-SwiftFormat


  • Download from GitHub


  • Using Homebrew
  brew cask install x-swiftformat


1) Open X-SwiftFormat

X-SwiftFormat works as Xcode Extension to format your swift code. You will need to open this once to activate it πŸ‘

a) You case use the Preview to see the format running in the app 🦾

b) You can export a configuration file (

) to use later πŸ–₯

2) Enable X-SwiftFormat

Open System Preferences β–Έ Extensions β–Έ Xcode Source Editor and make sure X-SwiftFormat is selected βœ…

3) Use X-SwiftFormat

Open Xcode and use the Format Swift Code command in Xcode's Editor menu πŸš€

4) Add X-SwiftFormat Shortcut

Open System Preferences, click on Keyboard and switch to the Shortcuts tab. Select App Shortcuts, then hit the + button. Select Xcode, enter

Format Swift Code
and set your Shortcut.πŸ‘

Installing Apple Swift Format (Xcode or Mint)

a) Using Xcode

if you are using Xcode 11.4 (Swift 5.2), you can check out and build swift-format using the following commands:

git clone -b swift-5.2-branch https://github.com/apple/swift-format.git
cd swift-format
swift build

You should see this

[207/207] Linking swift-format

b) Using Mint

If you dint have Homebrew, install here

brew install mint
mint install apple/[email protected]

You should see this

🌱 Cloning swift-format swift-5.2-branch
🌱 Resolving package
🌱 Building package
🌱 Installed swift-format swift-5.2-branch
🌱 Linked swift-format swift-5.2-branch to /usr/local/bin

Command Line Usage

swift-format -v

|Command | Description | |-|-| |

swift-format swift
|Display formatted code| |
swift-format -i file.swift
|Overwrites formatted code| |
swift-format -r folder
|Format all files in a folder| |
swift-format -r -i folder
|Format all files in a folder and overwrites|

Check more info here: https://github.com/apple/swift-format

I'm Rui Aureliano, iOS and macOS Engineer at OlΓ‘ Brothers. We make Sip πŸ€“

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