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Paige.js - Painless page generation for Github code

Paige.js is a simple npm package for creating instant Github Pages without having to deal with any HTML or CSS coding. Paige let's you just focus on your code while providing a clean and presentable face for your project. The project page for Paige, itself, was generated with paige.js.

Paige is largely influenced by Docco and Underscore. The idea behind this project was to—in a sense—extend the wonderful functionality of Docco, and take it one step further as a more fully-featured project site. As such, Paige uses Docco for its source-file annotation, and its style is inspired heavily on the beauty and simplicity of the Underscore website. Not only that, but they are both direct dependencies of this project as well.

Paige.js is hosted on Github. Please feel free to mess around with it and let me know of any bugs you find. Also you can always reach me on twitter @rthauby.


You're either reading this at the project page itself, or on the Github repo site. If it's the latter, you can see the output of running paige against this very Readme file here. If it's the former, well, you're looking at it.

Installation Instructions

You'll be needing Node.js and Pygments. Underscore is included as a package dependency. To install Paige.js:

sudo npm install paige

... then you can just do:

paige path/to/config

... and go have a beer or two.


Paige takes one argument only, and it's the location to a configuration file. Alternatively you can just skip the location of this file, and Paige will default to paige.config at the root of your project. The configuration file must be in JSON format.

A basic configuration file looks like this:

  "title" :             "Paige.js",
  "content_file" :      "README.mdown",
  "include_index" :     true,
  "docco_files" :       "src/*.coffee",
  "header" :            "Paige.js",
  "subheader" :         "The quickie-wiki Github project page generator",
  "background" :        "diagonal-noise",
  "github" :                  ""

The properties here are:

  • title: Title for the page... As in, in the
  • content_file: path to the file were your project page main content resides.
  • include_index: Do you want to list out the project files a-la-docco?
  • docco_files: If so, where are they?
  • header: Main header for the page.
  • subheader: Your tagline goes here.
  • background: Eye candy. Available flavors are: bright-squares, felt, whitey, diagonal-noise, circles, project-paper. All pattern sourced from the brilliant Subtle Patterns
  • github: The URL to the GitHub repository, showing the "Fork me on GitHub" ribbon

Known Issues

  • Docco file generation supported only on unix-based system.
  • Index of files is not ordered alphabetically.


This entire project is MIT licensed.

Change Log


  • Replacing github syntax highlighted code blocks with showdown friendly pre tags. Many thanks to DamonOehlman
  • Add GitHub repository URL config for "Fork me on GitHub" ribbon. Many thanks to daffl


Fixed - Correct process.ARGV. Should be process.argv. Many thanks to mitchellrj


Incorporated Docco within the Paige project itself for further customization and integration. For now, added custom output directory.


Fixed styling issues with headers and



Minor language tweaks and info.


Initial release of Paige.js

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