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Command line software through which you can play with your WhatsApp. It is having different options ...

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It is command line software through which you can play with your WhatsApp. It is having different options to play with your WhatsApp like message blast, online tracking, whatsapp chat.. This software aims to provide all facilities which we can do with WhatsApp. This CLI software does not require any API key for the execution.

online_tracker tracks the online and offline timings of your WhatsApp contact. It will check the online status and will immediately stores that data into a .txt file. Blog link: https://github.com/rpotter12/rpotter12.github.io/blob/master/blogs/blog3-tracking-26-07-2019.md

terminal_chat stands for WhatsApp chat. Through this you can chat with your WhatsApp contact directly from the command line.Initially recent chat is displayed and then the last received message id diaplayed everytime you send a message.The chatbot gets activate when the target sends commands starting with /.Send /help command to see usage.

chat_intermediator Be an intermediator between two people.

message_service It's a substitute for the API, allow you to communicate your programs to wplay. You modify our file messages.json with the number and message and the service will read the JSON and send the message. Check Wiki Usage for details.

telegram_bot sends the tracking status to our telegram bot.

message_blast is a message bomb script. It sends messages to your WhatsApp contact continously. The number of messages is decided by you. You can blast infinite number of messages to your WhatsApp contact.

message_timer is a message timer script. It sends messages to your WhatsApp contact from time to time. The number of messages and type of messages is decided by you. It's possible to send messages at random interval and the message type is chosen randomly.

save_chat is a script to save the chat of the particular target.

schedule_message is a script to send message at a schedule time.

about_changer Change you about customizeable or you can change the about section of your profile according to lastest headlines.

get_news is a script to get all types of news in your whatsapp group.Visit https://newsapi.org/ to get your own API key and paste it in newsapi = NewsApiClient(api_key="YOUR API KEY")

getprofilephotos is a script to download profile photos of all the contacts in your whatsapp contact list.

broadcast_message is a script to allow the terminal to send a broadcast message to all the selected target persons.

target_info is a script to get information about target's contact number like location(Country&city/Area),Carrier and Timezone.

download_media is a script to download all the media present in the taget person's chat.


Install whatsapp-play from PyPI:


python -m pip install wplay

python3 -m pip install wplay

Installation Video: Simple Installation Link

Alternate way - Run whatsapp-play from source code:


$ git clone https://github.com/rpotter12/whatsapp-play.git

$ cd 'whatsapp-play'

$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

$ python -m wplay -h


$ git clone https://github.com/rpotter12/whatsapp-play.git

$ cd 'whatsapp-play'

$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

$ python3 -m wplay -h


For detailed usage of command visit: https://github.com/rpotter12/whatsapp-play/wiki/Usage


The easiest way to contribute to Whatsapp-Play is by starring the repository and opening more and more issues for features you'd like to see in future.

First step is to create a fork and clone, then you can solve the issues listed and help us find new ones. Then try debugging with Visual Studio Code it is necessary to create a launcher with the arguments.

Steps to create a launcher with arguments follow the steps bellow:
1. Click in 'Debug' tab 1. Click in 'Add Configuration' 1. Select 'Module' 1. Type 'wplay' and press Enter 1. A json file will be opened. Inside configurations add the args, for example: "args":["-wb","name"]

Debug Tutorial Video: Debug Tutorial Link
Check more about contribution guidelines here


This software is for educational purpose only. Keeping eye on a innocent person can make person's life stressful.



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