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ROS 2 Documentation

This repository contains the sources for the ROS 2 documentation that is hosted at The sources from this repository are built and uploaded to the site nightly by a Jenkins job.

Contributing to the documentation

Contributions to this site are most welcome. Please be sure to read the below sections carefully before contributing.

The site is built using Sphinx, and more particularly using Sphinx multiversion.

Installing prerequisites

pip3 install --user --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Branch structure

This repository is setup with one branch per ROS 2 distribution to handle differences between the distributions. If a change is common to all ROS 2 distributions, it should be made to the

branch (and then will be backported as appropriate). If a change is specific to a particular ROS 2 distribution, it should be made to the respective branch.

Source structure

The source files for the site are all located under the

subdirectory. Templates for various sphinx plugins are located under
. The root directory contains configuration and files required to locally build the site for testing.

Building the site

To build the site for just this branch, type

make html
at the top-level of the repository. This is the recommended way to test out local changes.

To build the site for all branches, type

make multiversion
from the
branch. This has two drawbacks:
  1. The multiversion plugin doesn't understand how to do incremental builds, so it always rebuilds everything. This can be slow.
  2. When typing
    make multiversion
    , it will always check out exactly the branches listed in the
    file. That means that local changes will not be shown.

To show local changes in the multiversion output, you must first commit the changes to a local branch. Then you must edit the file and change the

variable to point to your branch.


Macros can be used to simplify writing documentation that targets multiple distributions.

Use a macro by including the macro name in curly braces. For example, when generating the docs for Rolling on the


| Use | Becomes (for Rolling) | Example | |-----|-----------------------|---------| | {DISTRO} | rolling | ros-{DISTRO}-pkg | | {DISTROTITLE} | Rolling | ROS 2 {DISTROTITLE} | | {DISTROTITLEFULL} | Rolling Ridley | ROS 2 {DISTROTITLEFULL} | | {REPOSFILEBRANCH} | master | git checkout {REPOSFILEBRANCH} |

The same file can be used on multiple branches (i.e., for multiple distros) and the generated content will be distro-specific.

Contributing to ROS 2

To contribute to the ROS 2 source code project please refer to the ROS 2 contributing guidelines.

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