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Clojure-flavored WASM's text format

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Clojure-flavored WASM's text format

Turns this

  (defn add [^i32 a ^i32 b]
    (let [x 1]
      (if (= a x)
        (+ a x)
        (+ a b))))

(defn main [] (add 9 8)))

into this

  (type $return_add (func (param $a i32) (param $b i32) (result i32)))

(func $add (param $a i32) (param $b i32) (result i32) (local $x i32) (block (result i32) (local.set $x (i32.const 1)) (if (result i32) (i32.eq (local.get $x) (local.get $a)) (then (i32.add (local.get $x) (local.get $a))) (else (i32.add (local.get $b) (local.get $a))))))

(export "add" (func $add))

(type $return_main (func (result i32)))

(func $main (result i32) (call $add (i32.const 9) (i32.const 8)))

(export "main" (func $main)))

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