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this library is based on Material design guidance

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this library is based on Material design guidance (

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  • api 16 or higher
  • migrating to androidx

Setting up

Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }
Add the dependency in your app build.gradle file
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.roiacult:BackdropLayout:VERSION'
Note : replace VERSION with latest version from jitpack


you need to include front and back layout inside backdropLayout and specifie frontlayout and backlayout attribute or it will throw an exception ```xml

`app:front_layout` : id of front layout  (required)

app:back_layout : id of back layout (required)

app:toolbarId : id of toolbar when this attribute is specified BackdropLayout will automatically handle click event on toolbar and change state of backdroplayout and navigation icon according to the click

app:peekHeight : height of front layout header if not specified BackdropLayout will swip front layout out of screen when BackdropLayout is in open state

app:menuDrawable : drawable shown when BackdropLayout is in close State

app:closeDrawable : drawable shown when BackdropLayout is in open State

app:animationDuration : duration of swiping front layout

app:disable_when_open : disable front layout and adding white (Transparent) view above front layout

app:front_header_radius : if your front layout header have corner radius and you set app:disable_when_open to true you should set this attribute to same radius value of your front layout header to prevent disablingView (White Transparent above FrontLayout) from overlapping the Frontlayout

```Kotlin // you can add listener backdropLayout.setOnBackdropChangeStateListener{ when(it){
BackdropLayout.State.OPEN -> { //TODO } BackdropLayout.State.CLOSE -> { //TODO } }

// you can access front and back layout backdropLayout.getFrontLayout() backdropLayout.getBackLayout()

for more information see simple app included in this repo (


alt text

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