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Test data editor for Robot Framework

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RIDE is a development environment for Robot Framework test cases.

Instant Communication Join our #ride channel in Robot Framework Slack: (signup page:

== Welcome to the development version of RIDE - next release will be version 2.0

If you are looking for the latest released version, you can get the source code from[releases] or from branch[release/] See the[release notes] for latest release version

Version was the last release supporting Python 2.7

Attention, this new version will break old style

, and you have to change to

Attention, some problems have been detected when using wxPython 4.1.

The pre-release and current development, supports Python 3.8 (since February 2020).

Attention, we are not testing on Python 3.9, so better use Python 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8.

Install with: [source, shell] pip install -U

Install current Beta version (2.0b1) with: [source, shell] pip install psutil pip install -U --pre robotframework-ride

Note: The PsUtil module is required, but missing on 2.0b1 requirements. This is already fixed in current development.

See the[FAQ] at[Wiki]

== Unit testing statuses: Linux (py36, py37, py38, py39): image:[Unit Tests, link=] Windows (py36, py37, py38): image:[Unit Tests, link=]


  •[Downloads at PyPi]
  • Statistics at[PyPi Stats] and[]
  • Usage instructions and some tips and tricks can be found from the[Wiki]
  • Bug report/enhancement request? Use the[issue tracker]
  • Any questions? Do not hesitate to use the[mailing list]
  • Development information is in[BUILD] file

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