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Rolling ASG deployments with Terraform on AWS

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Terraform Rolling Deployment Demo

This is a demo project that accompanies a blog post I wrote. It shows how to use various tools from the Hashicorp stack to achieve rolling deployments on AWS with zero downtime.

The post is here:

It is based on a concept from Paul Hinze:!msg/terraform-tool/7Gdhv1OAc80/iNQ93riiLwAJ


terraform aws architecture - current architecture


You should have the following tools installed:

  • Git
  • Packer (v1.2.3)
  • Terraform (v0.11.7)

Additionally you will need the following environment variables set:



  1. Copy your public SSH key to the
    directory and update the path in
  2. Before we create the AWS infrastructure we must first bake a new AMI using Packer. Using the supplied
    , simply run:
$ make bake

When Packer finishes running it will output an AMI ID we need for the next step.

  1. Now we can use Terraform to create the AWS resources:
$ make plan AMI="ami-XXXYYYZZ"
$ make apply AMI="ami-XXXYYYZZ"
  1. Deployment is a case of baking a fresh AMI then re-running Terraform:
$ make bake
$ make plan AMI="ami-XXXYYYZZ"
$ make apply AMI="ami-XXXYYYZZ"


You can run the included tests using

$ make test

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