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Job portal for Alchemist

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To start this Phoenix application:

  1. Make sure you have RethinkDB up and running
  2. Install dependencies with
    mix deps.get && npm install
  3. Start Phoenix endpoint with
    mix phoenix.server

Now you can visit

from your browser.

Fixtures Data

Devs Data

Insert this data from your Rethinkdb admin site. Otherwise, the app will not gonna worked.


r.table("jobs").insert([ { "company": "ElixirDose", "date_created": 1434440234, "description": "## Job Descriptions

This is job desc area

"email": "[email protected]",
"job_status": "",
"job_type": "",
"location": "",
"logo": "",
"posted_by": "[email protected]",
"title": "Writer's Needed",
"views": 7


r.table("devs").insert([ { "description": "Mad computer scientist who enjoy managing geeks and developers since 2011, more than 10 years of successful experience in Programming Web Applications using PHP, Python and Elixir, iOS Applications using Obj-C and Android Applications using Java. Also have capabilities handling various databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongodb, SQLite, CouchDB. My specialty is trying crazy ideas and getting them to work.", "email": "[email protected]", "github_url": "", "id": "7211d0e4-973f-4106-b82b-f39f08c345f3", "interest_fulltime": "on", "interest_hourly": "on", "interest_mentoring": "on", "interest_other": "on", "interest_term": "on", "interest_volunteer": "on", "linkedin_url": "", "location": "Jakarta, Indonesia", "name": "Riza Fahmi", "picture_url": "", "resume_url": "", "short_desc": "Mad Computer Scientist and Technopreneur. My specialty is trying crazy ideas and getting them to work.", "twitter_url": "", "views": 1, "website": "", } ]);

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